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First Step Inc.

First Step Inc. is a nonprofit organization, based in Wichita Falls, TX, that provides comprehensive services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. They offer a safe and secure haven for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Website: www.FirstStep.org

The Kitchen Meals on Wheels

In 1965, The Church of The Good Shepherd at 10th and Burnett Streets provided a building behind its place of worship for seniors of the Wichita Falls community to gather. Due to the difficulty of lacting the facility, organizers painted the entry door to the building red and gave easily identifiable directions, "go down the alley and look for the red door."

Website: www.TheKitchenWF.org

Special Olympics 

"It is our vision to become the premier provider of Special Olympics training and competition in the world. We approach each endeavor with a single intent - to improve the quality of life for our athletes. The challenges of the future are embraced with enthusiasm and commitment, ensuring that the changing face and needs of our athletes are met."

Website: www.SOTX.org

Beacon Lighthouse

Beacon Lighthouse Inc. produces a wide array of pads for all your cleaning requirements, from the largest to the smallest jobs. They have pads for any size floor polishing machines. They have quality 3M pads that can be rinsed and reused to help you cut costs while getting the highest quality pads on the market. 

Website: www.BeaconWF.com

MSU - Scholarship 

Each year the Senior-Junior Forum awards 4 scholarships to deserving undergraduate male or female students either currently attending or planning to attend Midwestern State University.  For more information visit our website. 

Website www.SeniorJuniorForum.com

Patsy's House

Patsy’s House Children’s Advocacy Center is a comprehensive, child-focused program that offers a highly effective, one-stop approach to child abuse investigation. The facility allows law enforcement, child protection professionals, prosecutors and the mental health and medical communities to work together with victims of child abuse and sexual assault in a comprehensive and cohesive manner. The center offers a comfortable, private, child-friendly setting where forensic interviews and counseling can be conducted. The center also focuses on the health and future of child victims.

Patsy’s House strives to improve investigations while reducing harmful effects on children and families. With early intervention, the caring team of professionals at Patsy’s House help break the cycle of abuse and cultivate a child’s chance of becoming a healthy adult.

For more information visit our website. 

Website www.Patsyshouse.org

To report abuse call: 1-800-252-5400

Wichita County Heritage Society - Kell House

The Kell House is one of the most historically and architecturally significant buildings in Wichita Falls. The Museum features distinctive architecture designed by the local firm of Jones and Orlopp, original family furnishings, textiles, decorative arts, and historic costumes. Guided tours of this local, state, and national landmark provide a fascinating history of this area’s early settlement and of the Kell family. 

For more information visit our website. 

Website www.wichita-heritage.org