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Angry Orchard Rose Cider

5.50%  ABV, Gluten Free . Made with rare, red flesh apples from France


Truly WildBerry

5.00% ABV, Gluten free . Spiked sparkiling water with the taste of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries

Boston beer company
Marathon 26.2 

5.20% ABV, 16 IBU. A gose style beer, made with sea salt and coriander

Rahr & Sons, Ft Worth TX

Rahr and Sons Paleta de Mango

5% ABV, 14 IBU. Juicy and tropical flavors of ripe mango, fresh lime Mexican Pequin Chiles 



Revolver Brewing, Granbury TX

Revolver Blood and Honey
7% ABV, 20 IBU. Unfiltered ale, finished with blood orange peel, honey and spices

Revolver Hop Device

5.2%  ABV, 35 IBU. A hazy style IPA

Shiner Beers, Shiner TX

Shiner Light Blonde

4.20% ABV, 9 IBU. Like the name says, it is "Light done right." Loads of flavor packed in to 99 Calories

Shiner Lemon Pilsner

4.60% ABV, 22 IBU. Brewed with Meyer lemons for a subtle, sweet flavor to kick off the summer

Shiner Wicked Juicy IPA

5.70% ABV, 60 IBU. Unfiltered IPA is dryhopped with Citra hops for a burst of tropical notes

Wichita Falls Brewing


4.7% ABV
38 IBU
style: NE Session IPA
A relatively new style of beer this has some characteristics of a New England IPA crossed with an American session IPA. Its cloudy appearance is backed with heavy citrus notes from the Norwegian Yeast known as Voss Kveik along with copious amounts of Calypso, Citra and El Dorado hops. Its low bitterness makes it popular with reluctant IPA drinkers.
Pairs well with any spicy foods.

Odd Duck
8.1% ABV
33 IBU
style: American Coffee Stout
This is a slightly pumped up version of an American Stout show casing a locally roasted fair trade coffee grown in the Bali region of Indonesia. It has a mouthfeel that is full bodied with some creaminess. The roasted English malts used give this beer up front flavors that consist of dark chocolate, espresso beans, and a hint of vanilla.
This beer pairs well with almost any desert
Special release: Whiskey barrel Odd Duck and Chocolate Cheery Odd Duck

Feather Weight
5% ABV
style: Golden Ale
Feather Weight is WFBC’s offering of a light classic Golden Ale. Its a light crisp beer with a surprisingly large amount of Lorel hops. It appeals to domestic and craft beer drinkers alike.
This beer is a must have for hot days spent at the lake.
Pairs well with chips, hot dogs, and memories in the sun.

Artificial Horizon

7% ABV
63 IBU
style: American IPA
This represents the evolution of IPA. Originally based off a west coast recipe this IPA is a combination of Citra, El Dorado, and Motueka hops grown in the Pacific Northwest and New Zealand. Any bitterness is masked by the fruity citrus notes thrown off by the Norwegen Voss Kveik yeast. The yeast and heavy handed hop additions give this beer some haze that holds on to flavors and aroma that resemble grapefruit and passion fruit.
Pairs well with rich spicy dishes and a group of friends.

Numb Chuck- American Imperial IPA

9%, 105 IBU
Our Imperial offering is unabashedly a beer for hop heads. Numb Chuck’s big grain bill packs a punch that is countered by generous dry hopping with cryo-Simcoe. With a light lemon pepper scent, this IIPA is resinous for the connoisseur and approachable for the novice. Pairs best with a slow smoked brisket or a roundhouse serving of Texas justice.

 Plum Luck- Li hing mui Saison 

6%, 6.5 IBU
Prounced lee-heeng-moo-ee, dried plum skins are responsible for the pink color and the subtle frutiness on the back end of this tart, French saison. A beer inspired by the Hawaiian candies made of li hing mui, Plum Luck is crisp and zesty with just enough tang to attract drinkers looking for a sour. Goes great with fresh caught catfish or your dankest cheese board.

Lifetime Dreamer